The Top 9 Playlists to Boost Your Creativity

February 23, 2021

We’ve compiled out favorite Spotify playlists that boost our creativity, make it easier to get our work done, and make us more efficient and focused.

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We're Foxwood studio!

We're a creative group of siblings that all decided to pursue art as a career. We've been told we're crazy more than once :) 

Here we share our creative musings, DIYs, and step by step instructions to make some of our projects at home with your own personal touch.


When it’s time to get to work on a creative project, we always need music to get in the zone. Without it, we have a hard time focusing and tend to have a bit of creative block. Sound like you too?

Well, you’re not alone! We’ve compiled out favorite Spotify playlists that boost our creativity, make it easier to get our work done, and make us more efficient  and focused. From sketchbook work to digitizing designs for t-shirt printing, we’ve got lists to cover all of your creative plights. 

For Sketchbook Work:

bowl of room temperature ramen, 3am, 10 blankets
feat. all the chill acoustics/piano vibes

For Ideation Creation:

lovely lady may
feat. rustic folksy music combined with songs that make you feel like the main character

For Writing and Storyline Creation:

i want to live in the mountains with a dog
feat. calming and soothing tunes that feel like a grownup lullaby

For When Your Clay Piece is Due in 8 Hours and You’re Not Done:

Echlocations: River
feat. instrumental plucky music

For Final Polishes:

serotonin boost
feat. jams that make you want to jump around and dance.

Don’t blame us if you get distracted by mini dance breaks. This one is perfect to calm the nerves before you post, deliver, or present your project. 

For Digital Illustration:

This is Norah Jones
feat. OUR QUEEN Norah Jones. Just good soul music that puts us in the perfect mood to create. 

For DEEP Focus:

Binaural Beats: Focus 
Feat. REALLY odd tones and sounds, but it helps us be WAY more productive.

It’s almost like it puts you in a mega focus trance? Just give it a shot. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea but try a few songs. After a few, the focus is there but you almost don’t hear the music/frequencies anymore. 

For Floral Resin Work:

Dodie-The Complete Playlist
Feat. All the emotions in songs, and some that make us feel like we’re frolicking in a field. 

For Pouring Terrazzo, Making Molds, Working and Walking Around a Studio:

This Is Ben Rector
Feat. The best little jams that speak to your soul, make you cry, and want to dance at the same time. If you haven’t met Ben yet, it’s time to give him a listen. He’s the perfect prequel to a lot of these playlists.

So that’s our big secret to boosting our creativity with playlists and music. We can’t live without em, and they help section our our days working at home or the studio. Plus, it gives us something to look forward to when we change playlists per task. 🙂 

What playlists or artists help you focus or boost your creativity? We’re always looking for new recommendations. 

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